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photographer. filmmaker. musician. full stack developer. qa engineer.
View from the Coldwater Peak Trail
Mt Adams, Spirit Lake, Harry's Ridge, Mt Hood, MSH
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument


These are my web development projects.

Javascript. Python. Responsive HTML/CSS. Django. JQuery. Swiper. Cypress. Node. Vue. Flask. Git. DevOps.

Patty M Designs: Florist website.

Javascript, JQuery, Django API, Flickr/Blogger, Mobile-friendly, Formspree, Google Analytics

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Community Lending Library: Search, request, and lend items.

Django, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS

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Registration + RBAC: 2-step registration & 3-tier membership.

Django, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Visit Site   GitHub Repos: Django | Cypress

Todo List: Simple practice app

Javascript, persistent data storage.

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Countdown Timer: Simple practice app

Javascript, VueJS

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Advent of Code labs: Programming Puzzles

Python, JavaScript

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Social Media.

These are my social media accounts.

Instagram. YouTube. Soundcloud. GitHub. Blogspot. Roadtrippers. AllTrails. Spotify. Pinterest.


My photos and digital art.

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My music videos and short films.

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My music. Electroncia. Instrumentals.

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My software projects. See Portfolio.

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My road trips & hikes. WA. OR. CA. ID. MT. more.

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My road trips. WA. OR. CA. ID. MT.

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My hikes. WA. OR. CA. Norway.

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My playlists. Legen-day List.

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My interests.

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